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Conceived, built and run by lovers of seafood, Pescafresh started with a culmination of a passion for seafood with the staunch belief that ‘What you eat is who you are’. It was founded on an elementary, yet powerful principle: to provide seafood aficionados with the flavour of freshness right to their doorstep. This mission imbibed all its core values since day one, when we first opened more then a decade back

While working for a seafood distribution company in the US, Sangram Sawant, CEO and Founder of Pescafresh, set in motion a unique business plan of launching a service of retailing fresh seafood in order to create a brand that relies on taking freshness and customer service to the next level.

Thus, the idea of delivering 100% fresh and customized seafood irrespective of seasonal vagaries saw the light of day in 2004. Today, we have catered to over 100,000 households across Mumbai and other cities across formats and have executed millions of orders.
We are what we eat?, a popular notion that we are all familiar with, but are unable to fully implement. There was a time when food used to be organic and in its freshest state. People had access to all of nature?s gifts, one of which was seafood.

Cut to the present, while food processing has added convenience, it has also made freshness & food safety, a luxury. Seafood especially, is often not accessible shore to door. If at all, it is, the pricing is anything but affordable! Once a daily source of nutrition, seafood, today is considered an exotic delicacy, barring some of the local variety of fish.

However, at Pescafresh, we believe in offering a tantalizing culmination of freshness, variety and taste for a sensible price. With us, your favourite ?catch-of-the-day? gets delivered to your doorstep, fresh, not frozen! So, it?s not only organic but also convenient ? the best of both worlds!

Their fresh catch is wrapped around the magic mantra: Shore to door. To ensure the process is quick and convenient, Pescafresh has a vast home-delivery network.
Pescafresh is a pioneering brand and can is recognized as the 1st brand in India to organize this space 15 years back in 2005 , an endeavor that ushered a new revolution in seafood and meat distribution and retailing. With the advent of this service, seafood and meat aficionados were able to discover a world of seafood delicacies and pure poultry fresh products with the convenience of a simple phone call or a click.

Our mantra of "Shore to Door" and “Farm to fork” ensures that our products are 100% fresh and of superior quality which is achieved by our team of experts who inspect the seafood and other meats at every stage from supply to delivery. We also follow the highest quality & hygiene standards and are compliant with the FSSAI guidelines and are in the process of being HACCP compliant for our facilities.

Based upon our consumer insights Pescafresh continues to add new verticals in the fresh meats space to cater to the quality conscious customer.
We, at Pescafresh, are committed in delivering the best seafood and chicken with services that are unparalleled. Our aim is to constantly delight our customers with
Quality, hygiene and packaging
Quality, hygiene and packaging
Choice (variety and customization)
(variety and customization)
Prompt delivery
and customer service
Prompt delivery and customer service
Freshness is at the core of our business values. We associate freshness with our products, new ideas, innovative spirit and interaction with our customers.
Your needs come first and hence we are all ears to know about your wishes and requirements. Our ability to listen enables us to exceed your expectations.
We take pride in everything we do. Our aim is to stride with a passion for quality and best in class customer service.
We believe in being honest and transparent. This includes all interaction and communication among our employees, with our clients and with our partners. If you want to know something, just ask.
We foster collaboration to build a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship within our ecosystem by being environmentally conscious and nurturing local fishing communities.
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