1. Infrastructure
Pescafresh has a state of the art Infrastructure and the first-of-its-kind in the domestic seafood distribution and retailing industry in India. Its central distribution facility is located in Central Mumbai. With a cumulative experience of over 200 years, the staff is well trained and equipped to handle all kinds of seafood. All personnel, right from the manager, supervisor and the production assistants, follow hygienic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).

We have a special team of trained Customer Service Representative (CSR?s) for taking orders via the telephone. Their task at hand is to inform and educate you about the seafood assortments available and help you make the right choice that suits your taste and requirements.

A proprietary ERP software has been put in place that provides an end to end solution in tracking orders, providing information, tracing customers, generating inventories, stocks, assisting in promotion of products and above all, making the ordering experience simpler and quicker.
2. Sourcing
Excellent quality of seafood however begins at the source. Pescafresh has established an extensive network covering the West and East Coast of India. We receive products from over 50 fishing centres and harbours that ensure we bring you the freshest stock of seafood at any time of the year despite seasonal vagaries. Every product is thoroughly checked and is subjected to random organoleptic testing before it enters manufacturing facilities.

Through our superior sourcing network, only the freshest product is received through insulated carriers and product is maintained at all times at a chilled temperature of 1-40 Celsius.
3. Packaging
Exclusive seafood EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) boxes have been designed by the team at Pescafresh and specialized moulds has been created with optimum boxes size after extensive study and market research. The fish is packed into these boxes by correctly wrapping the product into food grade polythene with sufficient quantity of ice. This packaging keeps the product fresh, in optimum condition, even if deliveries are over a longer distance which helps maintain the product temperature at fewer than 40 Celsius minus any contamination. The key advantage is that the freshness is preserved, storage in the chiller or at home refrigerators becomes easier and you can carry your favorite seafood with you even during long hauls without worrying about any dripping or hygienic condition.

Fresh seafood is also neatly packed at the shop-in-shop counters of organized retail in food grade Styrofoam trays.
4. Delivery
At Pescafresh, we understand that deliveries are an important component and timely deliveries must be met with utmost efficiency. We currently have a strong fleet of two wheelers with FRPs (Fibre boxes) and four wheelers. These FRP boxes help in delivering our product over long distances without any contamination by maintaining an optimum temperature throughout. We also have an area-wise distributed delivery timing schedule which helps us deliver the finest seafood to your doorstep in no time. All these facilities assist our operations and ensure timely inbound supply of raw material for any subsequent delivery. Pescafresh also operates its insulated vans for deliveries to various organized retail and their home delivery outlets.
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